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Leshan hill electronics co., LTD(Stock code835952),Is located in leshan, sichuan province high-tech zone,Covers an area of118m,With factory building and office space5Million square meters,Is a professional committed to research and development of semiconductor discrete devices、Production and sales of national high and new technology enterprise。The company has from semiconductor discrete device chip design and manufacturing to packaging after complete industrial chain,The company's wholly owned subsidiary—Leshan fine ocean science and technology development co., LTD,Capable of producing240Ten thousand pieces4Inches highGPPThe ability of the chip。Over the years,The company persists in the revitalization of national industry as our mission,Adhere to the scientific and technological innovation,Constantly developing new technology、The new product,To build enterprise's core competitiveness,The company has won several national patents,And passedISO9001:2008International quality management system and the United StatesULSafety certification.......

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Electronic manufacture industry“Energy conservation and environmental protection”The new trend

Now global electronic manufacture the transformation and upgrading of industrial chain facing opportunities and challenges,Need to pay close attention to technology,Trends in electronics manufacturing technology:A miniaturization is namely in a smaller package features stronger more,This will drive the high density interconnect(HDI)And the micro hole、Embedded technology、The development of optoelectronics;The second is more strict environmental regulations and growing consumer demand,Lead-free trend drive industry to develop new material reliability higher,Halogen free demand will continue to grow at the same time。“Energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of sustainable development,IPCThe standard has also been key in this respect,Such as how to reduce the chemicals...

2013Years1Electrical and electronic components in the import and export situation analysis

According to the customs to provide import and export statistics,Compiled by the China automobile industry association,Will now2013Years1Electrical and electronic components in the import and export situation analysis is as follows:  A、Electrical and electronic components products export  2013Years1Month,Electrical and electronic components products export amount9.28Million dollars,More than the same period last year18.73%。  1Month,For electrical and electronic components products mainly export countries:The United States、Japan、South Korea、Germany、Brazil and so on。  2、Import of mechanical and electrical and electronic components  2013Years1Month,The amount of import of electronic components products...

IDC:Big data storage market development2011To2016And implementation53%The compound

A market research company in the United StatesIDCReported on Tuesday,The continuing escalation of big data technology and services,In boosting global storage market2011To2016And implementation53%The compound annual growth rate。  In the foreseeable future,Most organizations、To deal with、The stored data will continue to maintain rapid growth。“In the foreseeable future,Storage is big data analysis and field one of the largest infrastructure spending。”IDCStorage system research director of ash·Nadkarni(AshishNadkarni)Said,“Big data and analysis of field generated by the storage costs will be taken from2011The years3.7...